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Finding Your Flow Formula

Today I want to breakdown what it means to be in flow and how we can begin to find a formula that works for us to get into flow with more consistency.

But Before we hop into it, I just want to share that Forever Athlete apparel is finally here. We have limited stock on T shirts and hats, go grab yours today at the link here.

Now back to flow. Flow, or the zone as many of us in sports refer to it, is a state of total immersion into the task at hand. It’s when we feel the most productive,...

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Go One More with Nick Bare

podcast Jun 18, 2021
Athletic Mindset hit 18,000 downloads!! Y'all are blowing this up and I love every moment of it! On today's podcast we sat down with Nick Bare, founder of BPN supplements, US Army Infantry veteran, author of 25 hours a day, and all around badass athlete. We had a chance to catch up at the BPN headquarters in Austin, Texas, and really dive into where his whole life motto of “Go One More” started from. We speak on everything from patience to pushing through when you need to,...
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Level Up Consistently

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2021

Today I want to touch on the absolute difference maker in any profession, field, or sport, and that is consistency. 

“Consistency is better than perfection.”- Michael Hyatt

We live in a society that has put perfection on a pedestal, so much so that it isn’t realistic anymore. Social media has become just the highlight reel of peoples lives, we are more interested in watching the playoffs of sports than the regular season. I get it, consistency isn’t sexy, in fact,...

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Shake Up Your Normal

mindful mondays podcast May 10, 2021

When we don't question ways of doing something, or fall into a mundane way of being, we miss out on a lot of joy in life!

Today I challenge you to start shaking things up, to start questioning what is happening around you.

That's when we really start living!

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What Two Beggars Can Teach Us About Performance

I recently came across an Eastern Fable I wanted to share with you all.

“Two beggars used to live outside a village. One was blind and one had no legs. One day the forest near the village caught fire. They were competitors, of course- in the same profession, begging from the same people- and they we continually angry with each other. They were enemies not friends.

So when the forest was on fire those two beggars though for a moment. They were enemies, not even on speaking terms, but...

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We have an information consumption pandemic on our hands

athletic mindset podcast Mar 29, 2021

Have you ever taken a second to pause and think just how much information we consume on a daily basis?

It’s nauseating to think of the extent of information that is out there these days. You can YouTube or Google just about anything you want.

So with all that’s out there, why do so many of us struggle knowing what to do?

Today’s podcast episode explores this quote by Ryan Holiday, “A degree on the wall means you’re educated as much as shoes on your feet mean...

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My Top 5 Books of 2020

book review Jan 11, 2021

2020 wasn't all bad, I was able to get my hands on a ton of books and I want to share with you all my favorites of the year here!

5. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Comer.

This was a great reminder to slow down in my life. When we are in a constant state of hurry, we miss what is right in front of us. The book can be very Christian spirituality based (Comer is a Pastor after all), but it is a great answer to the hurry sickness we all experience.

4. Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict....

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It's What You Don't See

foundation performance Jan 10, 2021

What you don't see, that's the difference.

Between those that follow through and those left behind in the distance.

We as a society praise an overnight success and pray it happens to us too. We see the instantly viral video. What we don't see is all the ones that go into it.

Physical fitness is the same way. We endlessly scroll and think to ourselves "damn those are nice abs", "I wish my butt looked like that."

You see the viral workout videos of backflip burpees off moving cars. It's...

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Letting Go of the Familiar Past

If we want to create a new future, we must step into the unknown. This requires us to let go of our familiar past and live into the generous present moment. The familiar past brings us a familiar future, a never ending auto pilot loop. So if we want to change something in our lives, we must get rid of the old video tape. Reliving the "Glory Days" just leaves us stuck where we don't want to live, on repeat.

If we really want to progress, to improve ourselves, it starts with letting go of the...

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Keep The Ball Rolling Post Sport with Michael Chabala

athletic mindset podcast Jan 08, 2021

When Mike Chabala, 2 time MLS Champion, stepped away from soccer he was faced with a dilemma.

Everywhere he looked, he struggled to find an environment that matched the championship locker room culture he was accustomed to throughout his career.

So he decided if he can’t find it elsewhere, he might as well create his own.

Now founder of Sphere, a group fitness concept that intertwines soccer and connection to build the ultimate life locker room experience.

Today’s podcast episode...

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