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Forever Athletes!

Former athletes, maybe you’re like me and struggle to find a way to have your passion burn deeply now that the fans are no longer cheering your name. You remember what the zone felt like in sport, but struggle to find it in your everyday life now. Maybe you miss the supportive teammates that had your back no matter what. I hear you, but what if it doesn't have to be an uphill struggle to succeed? Forever Athlete is designed to get you in the zone more consistently through holistic habits and eliminating distractions, all while being a part of a team again. To show you how to win the game of life, both physically and mentally. Our focus here is to make your life as optimal as possible through a holistic approach. We want to show you how to be successful on your next playing field, whatever that may look like for you. Our team is a forever team, a community cultivated to build each of us up, one made up with high performing individuals with a shared athletic experience. We are Forever Athletes, and we're here to grow together.

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What We Offer

More Than Movement Group Coaching

More Than Movement was created to get you back in to the zone with consistency in life post sport. Through the accountability of group calls, the structure of guided activities and workouts, and the power of community that comes from being a part of a like-minded team. More than Movement helps eliminate those feelings of overwhelm by providing you with the exact steps you need to take and when to take them.

If you find yourself struggling with:

-Constantly feeling overwhelmed by daily life

-Sacrificing your own well being to achieve more, only to find yourself chronically exhausted

-Knowing you have an extra gear, but unsure of how to unlock it...

More Than Movement is designed to get you the true results you're after.

Together, we will go far!

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One on One Performance Coaching

If you want a 500% boost in productivity and the ability to thrive under pressure, uncertainty, and stress, this is for you. Getting in the zone can be a difficult task. As athletes, we are used to having a coach. Great coaches help us get past our self limiting beliefs and achieve beyond what we even thought possible. Think of how many times we find ourselves knowing what to do, but not acting on it. One on One Performance coaching focuses in on what it is exactly you need to do to reach that next level. We take a holistic approach and level up all areas of your life. This ensures we get you the results you are looking for, from fitness to career and beyond. You really can be who you want to be in all those areas when we are in the zone. We work together to put information into motion together; taking you to new heights along the way. If you want to maximize your ability to generate wealth without sacrificing the quality of your relationships, this is for you. When we are in the zone you can have your cake and eat it too.

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The Forever Athlete Community

The ultimate networking event and space; We are all one team. Whether it is our in person events in your local community, or virtually, we go further together. Come join us as we grow together!

What you'll typically see:

  • Yoga/Mindfulness/Meditation
  • Life Coaching Workshops
  • HIIT Workout
  • Follow Along Cooking and Q&A 
  • Motivational Talks
  • Interactive Space to Meet fellow Forever Athletes

Join in and find other Forever Athletes just like you, no matter where in the world you are!


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"Cory always shows up with a positive and encouraging vibe. He has helped me shift my perception of working out and I've found myself doing things I never dreamed of doing! Thank you Cory!"

Eileen S
Group Client

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"When it comes to working out and improving one's overall life, Cory is the go to coach! He offers a unique perspective and strategies that give you the results you're looking for and more!"

Jesma T.
One on One Client

The Athletic Mindset Podcast

Your host, Cory Camp, is a personal performance coach that analyzes how our mindset effects the rest of our lives. Through interviewing elite athletes, coaches, and other experts, this podcast takes a look at what intangibles exist in their lives. The Athletic Mindset extends well beyond just sports, it can be used to tackle anything we face in life.

My Story

Hey There! I'm Cory Camp and I grew up a swimmer, for 18 years of my life, that's all I really knew. Upon graduating and my sports career ending, I realized I wasn't prepared for this whole "real life" thing. A year went by and I found myself lost, 40 pounds heavier than I graduated. That was the turning point for me and the moment I had to get my S*%^ together. I've spent every moment since turning my life around and reintroducing purpose and intention to it. Through fitness, lifestyle choices, and neuroscience, I've figured out a system that works to optimize life. Now I'm passionate about helping other former athletes find their optimal plan to embody being a Forever Athlete. We tap back into the Athletic Mindset and how it can best serve us now, in the "real world." 

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